In what may yet be another sound argument for the use of public transportation, INRIX, a transportation analytics company, recently published results of it’s annual study which tracks traffic in more than 200 cities across 38 countries.  Here is their list of the 20 cities with the worst traffic in the world:

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1.  Moscow, Russia

2.  Istanbul, Turkey

3.  Bogota, Colombia

4.  Mexico City, Mexico

5.  São Paulo, Brazil

6.  London, United Kingdom

7.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8.  Boston, Massachusetts

9.  Saint Petersburg, Russia

10.  Rome, Italy

11.  Ankara, Turkey

12.  Izmir, Turkey

13.  Sydney, Australia

14.  Singapore             

15.  Berlin, Germany

16.  Paris, France

17.  Melbourne, Australia

18.  Belo Horizonte, Brazil

19.  Washington, D.C.

20.  Toronto, Canada

For comparison, Detroit, Michigan ranked #146.  Take a look at how a few other US cities rate:  

That metro commute doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?  The study also calculated the number of hours per year that commuters in each city spend in traffic.  Want to see how your favorite travel destination measures up? The full list and other statistics can be found at  Happy driving!

25.  Chicago, Illinois

40.  New York City, New York

47.  Loss Angeles, California

71.  Atlanta, Georgia

73.  Miami, Florida

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